Edge SS-5000 Score Clock

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Remote control the totally wireless system, the radio remote is easy to use and small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. With a 300 ft range, an official on the field can keep time and score as easily as a spectator on the sidelines. Each system has a dedicated radio channel that prevents interference from other scoring systems. The operation is intuitive, so formal training is not necessary.


  • Multi-function: countdown timer, count-up timer, stopwatch, circuit interval timer
  • Multi-sport scoring use: football, wrestling, soccer, racing, basketball and more
  • A loud horn is easily heard across a field or gymnasium, the volume can be adjusted or turned off
  • Day-bright digits adjust brightness levels for outdoor or indoor use
  • Display powered by internal rechargeable batteries
  • Hang on a fence or wall, set on the ground or flat surface with built-in prop rods; optional tripod kit (TRI-5000K)
  • Provides elevated mounting
  • Optional AC adapter (AC-15120) for indoors and plug-in use will bypass internal battery
  • SS-5000 Remote Control
  • Small, convenient size
  • Easy to operate
  • 300 ft. range
  • Dedicated radio channel
  • 9V battery lasts 3+ years