EDGE SS-3300 Three Sided Score Clock

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Portable and compact, the display module weighs just 35 lbs. and is equipped with a handle for easy carrying. Set up is a cinch; just connect the cables and set the scoreboard onto a table or mat. An optional tripod (TRI-3000) is also available to raise the scoreboard 7 ft. above the ground. An optional, rugged ATA-approved shipping case (HC-3000) will protect the SS-3300 in any environment.


  • Advantage (riding) and Injury timers standard
  • One-piece display for quick setup and takedown
  • Ultra-bright LED digits are professional bar-style
  • Tournament program mode allows programmable periods
  • Horn has adjustable tone and volume and is located on the display
  • Match timer
  • Period indicators
  • Match number can also be used to show team score (overlay included)
  • Advantage/Injury memory simultaneously tracks both advantage and injury time
  • Also works for multiple sports including martial arts, volleyball, basketball, wrestling
  • SS-3300 Control Consol
  • Layout appears exactly like full-sized display
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use controls
  • Simplified “quick start” instructions on flip-side of console
  • Color-coded buttons
  • Numeric keypad