EDGE SS-2000 Tabletop Score Clock

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In Scoring Mode, the SS-2000 works like a game clock. Logical controls make it simple to learn and easy to operate. No training is needed! In Practice Mode, the system is used to run practices, circuit training, conditioning drills, and repetitive coaching exercises. Coaches benefit by paying attention to their athletes, not a clock or stopwatch.


  • Multi-sport versatility including wrestling, volleyball, hockey, basketball
  • Scoring system and coaching tool
  • Scoring (0 to 99 points) and practice modes
  • Precision countdown - 1/10th-second timing under 1 minute
  • Elapsed time mode - set time to count up
  • Programmable period timer – set default time for each period
  • Horn with on/off setting – sounds as period/interval expires
  • Circuit timing and counting feature – counts each interval
  • Fully programmable practice interval timer and rest interim
  • SS-2000 Control Console
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use controls
  • Controller layout identical to full-sized display
  • Simplified “quick start” instruction card stored in base of console